Hand Reader H09L01P0000

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Main application circumstance:

1 Mobile application

2 Application in special circumstance


Main parameter

- Processor &EMS memory: Xscale PXA255 400MHz CPU

- System memory: 128 MB; Flash memory: 64 MB

- Operation system: Windows CE.NET 4.2; Development environment: HTML, XML

- API based on standard agreement, include Windows sockets (Windows CE.NET)

- Wireless communication: 802.11 b (CF interface)

- Color touch screen: 8.9 cms(3.5")1/4 VGAs, resolution:240 x 320;16 true color (64 Ks)

- Screen: color touch screen; hand writing input device

- Keyboard: Character type

- Barcode application2 D scan expanding modules

- Expand: Support USB and PCMCIA

- Power supply: 3.7 Vs 3000 mAh; Adapter; Inside charger

- Environment (standard): operating temperature -10 - 50 (14F-122 F)

- Storage temperature-25-60 (-13F -140F)

- Humidity:5-95% RH Non-condensation

- Waterproof & Dustproof standard: IEC 529, IP54 certification

- Shake test: There is no breakdown when the device falls off from 1.2 meters(4 feet) high to smooth cement ground for many times.

- Physical specification: Weight:454 g; Battery 75 g; Scan expanding modules 19 g

- Size: Length:222 mm;Width:76 mm; Thickness: 31 mm 

- Power supply: AC power adapter ;Charger; Base

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