Iatric Garbage Management System

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    Iatric garbage management problem has been concerned by the society after SARS had been controlled in 2003. The Ministry of Health issued the management ordinance of iatric garbage in July 16th, 2003, which caused this kind of management legally. Then, many experts discussed this problem from many facets, such as ISO14000 environment management system, ethnics, sociology, etc. So iatric garbage management is not only a latest hospital management problem, but also an important public health problem.

    The information technology revolution makes the real-time monitor platform of iatric garbage come true. With the development of bar code technology, RF identified technology and GPS, there is a new revolution about the service and management method. Because of the improvement of the HIS, the abilities of dealing with the garbage of the hospitals are much better than before. Some information management technologies, such as electronic labelize management of garbage, electronic document in multiple copies,electronic monitor, have been generalized so that we have the nicer technology to improve the traditional manual disposal to modern intelligent management. In logistics information, adopted the computer system to manage, and formed a perfect information network. The professional logistics information network which is based on visible logistics management and real-time orientation is being set up quickly. With the development of construction of the information harbor, a fast and high efficiency information network platform and another five skeleton network systems have been set up. As a result, they provide the basic information support and guarantee for the environmental protection departments.

1, The analyse of real-time monitor of iatric garbage
The management of iatric garbage has been separated into four parts: collect and store, airtight transport, mass set on fire, bury the rest.
To send the iatric garbage outside need more than three times connect, which can cause new pollution and infection. After that is pursuing the garbage. Because there are many different places for connect, it’s hard to pursue any particular bag of garbage. At last, it’s the statistic of the garbage. It’s hard to separate all the garbage into different places, different time and different people as a mass of the garbage.

2. The platform of management information of dealing with the iatric garbage
1) analyze the management and disposal to make sure the key section
2) ensure the technology plan and the type of the products
3) set up application model, confirm the first hospitals, logistics companies and the garbage disposal centers.
4) set up the real-time monitor management platform and central service database of the area iatric garbage disposing.

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