Hospital Fixed Assets RFID Management System

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The intelligent identification system developed by Sinogistics is targeting the issues including high value and long-term use of hospital fixed assets, discrepancy that often occurs between objects and accounting record, complicated depreciation calculation, repeated medical instrument purchase and low service rate. By using RFID and information collection technology, the system can effectively carry out informative management of fixed assets and the storage, tracking, utilization and charging of hospital resources, which helps improve medical care quality, productivity and charging accuracy as well as save inventory cost.


Its precise inquiry function and unique theory in authority management enables enterprise leaders to know the overall situation of all fixed assets of the enterprise.


System Advantages

1.     Accurate data accounting and practical function;

2.     Advanced RF technology management;

3.     Efficient networks and remote data transmission;

4.     Different security—level access;

5.     The friendly UI can be rapidly and easily started.

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