RFID Hospital Leasehold Management System

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The RFID hospital leasehold management system developed by Sinogistics is a set of asset management system which relies on the work flow related to leasing equipments in leasing center. By using RFID technology, the system can effectively carry out the tracking and management including applying in the section office, leasing center processing application, brushing card to lend equipments, section office using the equipments, ending utilization and brushing card to return equipments. By using the system, the hospital can effectively figure out equipments’ working time and the time in each section office, which helps acquire utilization rate and statistics index of equipments. It improves the management level by reducing equipments stagnation, raising equipments utilization rate, accurately accounting and defining responsibility for each section office. With the realization of this system, paperless work will replace the existing handwriting record method and inventory cost will be saved.


System advantages

1. The system realizes paperless work with simple usage and practical function.

2. The advanced technology makes effective management and tracking of work flow, defined responsibility and transparent equipments information;

3. The accurate data accounting reduces equipments stagnation and raises equipments utilization rate in section office;

4. It provides accurate data support for whether need to carry on the purchase of equipments;

5. The friendly UI can be rapidly and easily started.

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