RFID Wristband Sickroom Service System

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    The RFID wristband sickroom service system of Sinogistics is mainly for inpatient and takes through RFID wristband to manage the inpatient completely and effectively. Therefore the medication administration and personnel work load are easily to be controlled. The system also updates the medication information and prescription everyday so as to be convenient for expert consultation and reduce first aid time. The system is an integration of RFID, HIS and network, which can build up a good medical treatment environment for inpatient and simplified the procedure of demanding the medication administration in the sickroom. It also eases the medical personnel' labor strength and pushes forward the digitization and informationization of hospital. The service level of hospital, economy and social benefit will be improved.

    It thoroughly eradicates to take and deliver wrong medicine; The patient’s basic life characteristic can be recorded and demanded; The wristband data provides a reference for the emergency medical treatment and reduces the treatment time.

System advantages

1.  Simple usage, practical function, and more humanized care for patient;

2.  The advanced radio frequency technology eradicates wrong medicine delivery and wrong injection.

3.  Decrease daily checking times and consumedly lower the medical personnel's workload;

4.  The wristband records patient’s basic life characteristic and prescription on the day ,which is convenient for the daily checking doctor and consultation doctor and shorten treatment time;

5.  The friendly UI can be rapidly and easily started.

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