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    The system is based on RFID technology and makes the work flow data of tracking and locating to be transparent and visible, which further improves the management level of hospitals and makes the management to be fine. The RTLS can set up an application of tracking with RFID technology for hospitals ,which makes better performance in tracking medical equipments, doctors, nurses, patients...etc.

    In case of emergency, people who wear Wi-Fi tags can press the alert button to send out signal to monitoring department for help. It can shorten the time for searching target and get sooner respond. We can also set a alert configuration of the Wi-Fi tags on asset so that the alert can still work when there is an accident or people are out of the area regulated, which can effectively prevent accident and improve security management effectively.

    The RTLS works in Wi-Fi networks based on WLAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g). Completely built up on the software foundation, this system can constantly supervise and locate the asset, people and specimen over the existing Wi-Fi networks area in hospital, which makes accurate locating and tracking.

The sub system can be easily accomplished after RTLS of Sinogistics implemented.
1. RTLS for iatric garbage management;
2. RTLS for operation package management;
3. RTLS for tracking and locating infectious patients, pets and specimen
4. RTLS for tracking and locating PDA and Wi-Fi laptop;
5. RTLS for tracking and locating valuable medical equipments;
6. RTLS for tracking and locating medical personnel;
7. RTLS for tracking and locating the infectious victim, psychopath and bodies;
8. RTLS for emergency management and tracking the infectious victim;
9. RTLS for emergency management and tracking the infectious victim and emergency case combining with ambulance GPRS;
10.RTLS for more.

System advantages:
1.  IEEE802.11 b/g standard based on, the system which makes use of existing Wi-Fi AP can work with multi-vendor and multi-generation wireless network facilities without additional hardware; (such as reader & antenna)
2.  The location engine according to a patent technology have highly accurate algorithm(RSSI) and up to 1m accurate;
3.  The single location EPE based on enterprise-standard server supports to track up to 20000 targets for hospital or enterprise, and can locate 600 targets simultaneously per second;
4.  Unique function with two-way tag communication, visual location, alert and short message hint;
5.  The hospital can implement real-time location and location record of people and asset over any network, campus/building/floor/room accuracy. The map provides the real time location information-asset position, the last location record time, remotion record and affairs management etc.

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