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System summarize
      The system is based on RFID technology aims to ravel out the conventional problem that lacks measure in disinfectant center and to up build a integrated, flexible, Real-time Renew iatrical appliance flow quality control manage system in disinfectant center.
      Attaching a RFID tag to every operation package is responsible for collecting and storing operation package flow attribute information including operation appliance category and serial number, quantity, packager number, package date, operation package style, and so on. In addition,
      The system can display the curve of temperature and pressure in the course of sterilizing the operation package real time and query the locality of the operation package and analyze the use of the operation package.
Object of the system
(1) Economic object: as a result of RFID tag may be used for a hundred thousand degree repeatedly, the cost for operation package disinfection will be reduced largely. Through the information management of operation package flow, put an end to the wasteful phenomena of using operation instruments and accessorial material.
Provided that, there are five thousands operation packages every day in CSSD of third class and first grade hospital.

Manage Mode      Staff Manage   Keep Ahead    Security    Traceability    Annual Cost
Tradition            General         General       General       General         ¥182.5   ten- thousand
RFID            Informationization  International  Better        Better         ¥0.055   ten- thousand

Hereinto, the follow is the annual cost expression in CSSD with tradition mode.        
1Yuan/ package•degree*0.5ten thousand packages•degree/day*365day=182.5 ten- thousand Yuan
      the follow is the annual cost expression in CSSD with RFID mode.
1tag/10one hundred degree*30 Yuan /tag•package*0.5 ten thousand packages•degree /day*365day=0.055 ten- thousand Yuan
(2) supervisory 0bject:Through the information management of personnel in operation package flow, the system may check the workload of personnel well and truly. Through the information management and query and statistic and analyze of operation package flow, the system may make convenience with checking and auditing cost among sections, insure the security of using operation package, perfect the supervisory mechanism of safety in hospital. 
(3) performance object:Intelligent, human nature, security, information-based. Estimate whether the flow of sterilizing operation package measure up or not well and truly, keep track record of data in the course of sterilizing operation package accurately, supervise the sterilizing operation package flow effectively.
(4) expand object:Afford the interface with HIS and the other large-scale system, realize data sharing for the whole information system of hospital.
System Data Flow Chart


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