Beds’ Disinfection RFID Management Information System

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Beds’ Disinfection RFID Management Information System
I. The meaning of the utilization of RFID system
Disinfection and isolation plays a very important role in the clinical process which aims to prevent and control the infections, cuts off the means of dissemination of diseases and to avoid the patients get infected while they receiving treatment in hospitals. Beds’ Disinfection RFID Management Information System can monitor the final disinfection procedures of the beds and find the ways to solve the imperfections in the disinfection procedures fundamentally, reduce the pressure of the nurses’ working largely. This system is used popularly in hospitals which not only reduce the costs of disinfections and isolations but also has great significance to the clinical prevention of infectious diseases. Make the patients get rid of the worry of the infections and felt relieved to cure. It has benefits both on society and economy.
II. The procedures of the system
1 .Applying for the beds: the nurses in wards applies for exchanging beds online who must indicates the applying ward, the bed’s number, the applying time , the applicant and demonstrates with the calling system.
2 .Delivery and receiving : Upon receipt of the above information ,the disinfection and delivery center should indicates the delivery time the delivery person in the computers and promptly dispatch delivery person send the spare bed to the applying ward through the dispatching elevators , the nurse whom on duty should examine and check out if the bed and the things on bed are complete, and sign up his \her name and time .The delivery person should first examine and recycle the bed and things on bed then send them to the infectious area of the disinfection center through the elevator.
3 .Washing and disinfection: The infectious area’s operators examine and receive the things and classify them into handling. To put the bedding bags ,beds’ sheets ,pillowcases in to the infectious bags to the washing room for recycling ,to put the mattresses ,pillows  into the steam antiseptic machine for 5 minutes 105℃ disinfection and send the beds into the disinfection purifiers for 12 minutes . After the disinfection the things can be remove to the clean area, the beds’ sheets, pillowcases should be send to the clean area and the operators should examine and give the signatures.
4 . Receiving and matching: Operators in the clean area should examine and receive the beds, the bed sheets, the cotton fibers, the pillows, the pillowcases and the clothing. After determining they are qualified, preparing the beds ready for later use and storing them in the clean area. The unqualified clothing should be sent to the washing room immediately for repairing and then sent to the clean area. The unrecycled or heavily polluted cotton fibers, pillows should be replaced by the clothing center and the unqualified beds should be declared to the equipment repairing institute to repair.
5 . Spare and deposit: Wash and disinfect promptly the recycled beds everyday, examine, receive and match them after reorganization, store them in the clean area for later usage.


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