RFID Mother&Child Identification System

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The RFID Mother & Child Identification System, which aims to ravel out the problems in practice and achieve guard against theft for baby and informationization management process

RFID Mother & Child Identification  management system is based on the basic technology and knowledge of information system and database design. It does not only prevent baby from being switched and stolen, but also trace and record the hospital’s service and nursing for mother and children.

Function realization

1 prevent baby from being switched
  The RFID tag records information of
newborn, parturient and doctors. The new born and parturient should matches each other. Then the handset RFID reader taken by nurse can read the information in RFID wristbands worn by the new born and parturient, which helps to affirm identity and prevent baby from being switched.

   There must be measures to record and demand to prevent baby from being switched intentionally.

2  prevent baby from stolen by supervising RFID tags in and out in time

Fixed RFID reader is installed at the exit of sick room before the baby leaves hospital. When the wristbands of mother and children match,  the green sign of the door entrance guard will light. 

3 record daily nursing information of mother and children

The wristband can help to record and affirm the duty visit, so that leak will be avoided. The children and mother’s tags should record the information of their meals ,dose and doctor on duty.

4achieve to demand and trace in time


The supervising facility should record the passing time and other related information so that people on duty can demand in time. The handset can also look over the database by software and wireless networks. The state and other related information of baby can be demanded.


process demo



people attended


record demanded

go to hospital


nurse on duty

Distribute main tag

information of the parturient ,case history, sickbed number, etc


new born and parturient


Distribute subindex tag

birth time sex and parturition way of baby should be recorded on the main tag.

Birth time, sex, length ,weight, mother’s information should be recorded in the subindex tag.

duty visit

new born and parturient

doctor on duty

write on tags

the time of duty visit  state of the new born and parturient , conclusion

leave hospital

new born and parturient


supervise(take off the tag)

time of leaving hospital


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